About Us
Meet The Owner:
Nick Pinard-President graduated from the Unniversity of Connecticut with a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture. After working for a local landscape construction business for five years he decided to develop Second Look Landscaping & Design LLC.
Today, Nick strives to deliver landscape services in a professional manner. Rest assured he involves himself in every aspect of the business to ensure the quality and service that Second Look Landscaping is known for today. When Nick comes out to look at your project, know that he brings with him the experience of completing hundreds of landscape projects, developing and reading construction documents, managing countless jobsites , but also the most capable line up of equipment, and technology to perform your job.
Nick is known to have a creative mind in landscape construction. He has come up with layouts and designs that most wouldnt imagine, creating your landscape into something that is truly unique. With the best in Technology that the field has to offer, Second Look has the capability to bring your backyard into a 3 dimentional relaity.
Starting in sixith grade Nick began mowing neighbor's lawns and shoveling snow. He saved up enough money at age 12 for his first John Deere, an equipment brand he will forever stay true too. Each year that followed he became busier and more involved with larger scale projects as the word spread about the quality and commitment to excellence he provided in his community.
At Second Look, each staff member is held to the highest of expectations in the field. Bringing with them kowledge of specific aspects of the industry to provide the customer with the best quality and ensuring that customers recieve the services they need and desire, it goes un-said that we value our customer relationships. Second Look continues to develop and grow, making sure we stay ontop of the latest trends, technology, industry standards and eco-friendly concepts. We look forward to serving you next.
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